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Our Leadership


Dr. Saibaba Arcot


Dr. Saibaba Arcot is a long standing Life Science Educator, with 30 years of classroom experience. Dr. Arcot is a CDC trained science ambassador, spreading knowledge of public health in the community. Currently, he is the only educator in the United States teaching epidemiology to high school seniors. He earned his Ph.D in botany from Osmania University, India in 1990.

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Dr. Dhanjoo Ghista

Dr. Dhanjoo Ghista is a world authority in biomedical engineering and physics and author and editor of over 30 books in subjects ranging from cardiovascular physics to economic development. Dr. Ghista has an international standing in academia, education and research and has set up programs and departments at several universities.  He has taught courses in engineering, physics, biomedical engineering, medical sciences, sports science and hospital management.

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Dr.Paddy Sharma


Dr. Paddy Sharma is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and business leader. She is the founding member of several schools in India. Her expertise and support have been vital in executing the idea of experiential learning in the United States and India. She has a Doctorate in Education from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.


Dr. Lisa Stueva


Dr. Lisa Stueve is a STEM educator at the Georgia Southern University in the United States. She works to support the mission and vision of the institute while creating opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders, schools, systems, research facilities and businesses to promote authentic and engaging STEM interdisciplinary knowledge worldwide.

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Dr. Kania Greer


Dr. Kania Greer works to develop grant collaborations around K-20 STEM Education at the  Georgia Southern University in the United States. In addition, she assists with the administration of funded proposals and promotes STEM outreach.

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